About us

What we do?

The Gender Violence and Health Centre is a multi-disciplinary research group dedicated to research on the extent, causes, consequences and prevention of gender based violence. Our research is action-oriented, its overarching purpose to better understand how to prevent violence and strengthen community and health systems responses to it. We collaborate with policy makers, non-governmental organisations and public health bodies around the world to ensure that the evidence we generate feeds into social change.

Established to tackle violence against women and girls, GVHC was instrumental in bringing the problem of violence against women to global attention. While this is still a core focus of our work, our areas of expertise have now expanded to include:

    • Violence against children and adolescents
    • Human trafficking, migration and labour exploitation
    • Intimate partner violence against men in same-sex relationships

Where we work

We work in collaboration with partners all over the world, and have projects in over X countries. Members of GVHC have also led pioneering research into violence against women in countries affected by conflict and humanitarian crises, and among mobile populations.

An interdisciplinary approach

Our team comprises epidemiologists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists and social psychologists, and this is reflected in the diverse research methods that we use. Our projects include cluster randomised trials, longitudinal studies (quantitative and qualitative), cross-sectional surveys, process evaluations, economic costings, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, participatory research, and in-depth interviews. Complex social problems such as violence are best understood by considering multiple forms of evidence, so most of our studies employ mixed methods. We want to be able to answer not only ‘what works to prevent violence?’, but also the more complex questions of ‘how?’, ‘when?’, ‘where?’ and ‘for whom?’ different approaches might work.


Please see our GVHC Research page for more information on our research activities and projects.

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